Contraception: an Australian clinical practice handbook is co-authored by medical experts from Family Planning NSW, Family Planning Queensland and Family Planning Victoria.

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The third edition is the first time this invaluable resource for medical professionals has been made available online. The site provides membership-based access.

By subscribing to this site, you will have access to the latest international research and expert opinion on methods of contraception available in Australia. The handbook aims to support and promote optimal clinical practice by providing GPs, nurses and other healthcare practitioners with evidence-based consensus recommendations on all aspects of contraceptive practice in the Australian setting.


  • an up-to-date review of the advantages and disadvantages of contraceptive methods available in Australia
  • updated practical advice including stopping each method at menopause, using Quick Start methods of contraception and extended hormonal regimens
  • the latest information on contraceptive eligibility for women with a broad range of pre-existing medical conditions
  • contraceptive options for teenagers, post-partum and perimenopausal women
  • current practice recommendations for missed pills, drug interactions and more

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